Benefits of social reading

Learning with social reading is…

  • democratic

    – every student, no matter how talkative or shy, has an equal voice when typing comments

  • free

    – students and teachers do not have to pay for the service

  • emboldening

    – students do not have to worry about grading and do not feel as much pressure as in a face-to-face environment to say the right thing

  • autonomous

    – students can recognize patterns, solve problems, and build hypothesis all based on their own observations: meaning doesn’t have to be dictated by teachers!

  • exploratory

    – students can take time to comb the text from different angles

  • broad

    – teachers can use any kind of text to appeal to a wide range of learners

  • collaborative

    – students can learn from each other

  • social

    – the concept of discussing with each other online is already familiar with students and allows more deep thinking about topics

  • reflective

    – students can take as much time as they want to develop ideas about the reading

  • insightful

    – teachers can check the level of students who don’t speak as much in class

  • conservationist

    – there is no paper required, and activities can be reused

  • inductive

    – students can work together to make sense of new concepts without the teacher’s intervention